Total Noob Question

Dear All,

Total noob here so please be patient :slight_smile:

I’m wondering how I go about specifying units of measurement in Blender.

I’m modelling a few different things and I want them to have a particular size in feet or metres for example and obviously need to remain consistent with each particular thing I model.

I’m using an exporter for a package called XVR. It exports files in .AAM format. When I export the model, it gives me the option to “use world co-ordinates”. Can someone explain exactly what that means in relation to my model and what happens if that button is off/on.


A blender unit should equal a meter. At least, it does in the game engine.

For CAD Metric and English dimensions



Try this and let us know what you thimk of it!


world coordinates - try it both ways and see what the diff is. In the Blender world, the location (0,0,0) is the center of the universe, and the coordinates of all vertices are relative to that. I think that is the world coordinates. Other ways to express coordinates are relative to a parent, as in, I am 5 units away from my parent.