Total noob

I have read the tutorials and it left my head spinning but after reviewing some of the fantastic art work that I found here I was truly inspired to give it a try. I am sure I will make a few, well all right thousands, of mistakes but I am hoping you all can guide me in the right direction. My first project is for my game world. The maps for the world have always… well less then I hoped for. So I am redoing them completely in bender. I will post every so often with what I have completed and would gladly take any guidance in the right direction. I am working on the biggest continent right now which is Norif. So far I have spent a little over 3 hours playing with the camera and lighting and the over all outline of the continent. So far I have finished the east coast out line and started the North outline. To be honest I don’t expect any real comments at this point as I have only started but any input is always welcome.
<a href=“”>Norif Map</a>

Well have you tried the video tutorials because reading a computer screen is like staring into th sun…here the link to the vid tuts…

P.S. TMSS mean Too Much Screen Sucking…:smiley:

Ty I will check them out.

Well I thought I would be a lot further along but had other projects to complete so I am only 3 quartes the way done with the north edge. But its coming along. The real challange is when I start adding the mountains and rivers. Well off to bed have to work tonight take care all.

Well, the continent is now a bit quadratic, you yhould delete some faces in the upper-right corner!

For mountains: draw a heightmap in photoshop (black and white) and then add a this as a displacement-texture to the continent. This will achieve your mointains very fast :wink:

Thank you for your input. For now I won’t be making any changes at the moment as I am only working on the coastal outline. Once that is done I will start with the lakes then the mountains, and then rivers. And as for quick results I have no time limit on this project I am guessing if I can complete it in 5 weeks I am doing good. Well I finished the Northern coastline and rough cut the West and South. And thank you all again for your wisdom and knowledge.

Well I thought I was making some real progress and saving my work often…but it turns out once I started adding colors and terrain and my system flaked out on me. I will have to hold off until I build a big bad system. Probably just work on smaller icons and such until I have a system that can do what I want.

I would personally stop using “Print Screen” for your images. You should just render the image, and save the rendered image onto the computer. I’m asuming you don’t know how to do this, so I am going to explain it clearly to you.

To choose how large you want your image, go to the render buttons and adjust some of the number sliders in the right window. The default values of these sliders ae 800 and 600. 800 is how wide the image is, and 600 is how tall it is. I would make the 800 into 640, and the 600 into 480. Then, render the image. When it’s done rendering, close the render window, and click on the file dropdown menu. Under this menu, click “Save Image…” and then choose where to save it. Save it, then try going there in Windows Explorer. The image is saved as a .jpg. With older versions of Blender, however, it doesn’t put the .jpg after it, so if you aren’t using 2.41, make sure that when you save it, you put .jpg at the end of the file name when saving the image.

By the way, the images you have right now are 585 by 461, so if you want to have that resolution, turn the 800 by 600 into 585 by 461.