Total UV mapping control

(LAinLA) #1

I had always wondered if Blenders uv Mapping tools could be given more power. I decided to try the old Morph-UV mapping trick in Blender. Look at this Lightwave tutorial fisrt on morphing a mesh and UV mapping it-

Now download my own Blender Morph-UV mapping test files here-

Use the link at the top of the page. Theeth’s script is the final tool I used to copy the mesh and uv’s only from the morphed object. You mush get this to complete the process. Here is a link to the thread and the Script -



(Detritus) #2

Looks good! I´ll test it and come back later with more comments. Thanks!

(slikdigit) #3

nice tutorial! I use RVKs for mapping all the time. must try unwelding- I think its the y key- and rem doubles. just have to unweld before unwraping (can’t change base mesh with RVKs)
great ideas!
edit: I’d recommend copying the model before doing this- its all to easy to make a mistake

(LAinLA) #4

Thanks for your comments and tips folks!

I just did the morph mapping as a test and now I think that I will morph-uv map all of my meshes from now on.