Totally confused with UV face select/mapping.

I’m watched video tutorials and tried to follow several html tutorials but just can’t get this.

I’m trying to map something really simple, and I need help.

Basically a plane, subdivided 3 times, with the edge proportionally G - R 'd to give a bent paper effect, like an old post-it note, and i have a simple image of a solid background and a couple pieces of text in the center. I tried to map this onto my paper but I’ve produced everything from the image tiled on every face to a completely transparent object when rendered.

Please help! :frowning:

Never mind, I don’t need to UV map with this simple a thing. I got a normal tex-image to work.

ok, but you were actually making progress when you had the image tiled on there.All you had to do was press U in the 3D window in UV Face Select mode.

Oh ok. Well I know that for next time then. Thanks!