Totally Looks Like....

Okay, first of all, I KNOW there is a website called Totally Looks Like, but I want the observations of my fellow BA’ers (and that website is now so blimmin’ hard to find stuff on) so…

Do you know anyone or anything who “totally looks like” someone else?


To me, Ton looks A LOT like Hugh Laurie.

Here’s another (I did post this in Mr Blender’s LOTR thread on the WIP section, but posting here for the comparison)

Treebeard from the LOTR films looks quite a bit like John Rhys-Davies (who voiced the character).

One more… (sorry I’m posting separately, it told me I could only post three images at a time in one post)

My kitty Miracle looks like a Brussels griffon (well, if he had longer hair.)

Anyone else? (Please keep it family friendly, and friendly in general) :smiley:

Um…no. Sadly.

Ironically I found this on Google this morning looking for something different.

I found it humorous.

This is a classic…

Jerry Seinfeld & baboon

Myra Hindley (serial killer) & Carol Brady (the Brady Bunch)

Gene Hackman (actor) & Joan Sims (Carry On films)


One more from me:

“Glamour”(synonym for trashy) model Katie Price (bottom) and Pete Burns of Dead or Alive… creeeeeeppppyyy… Plastic surgery is not a game kids…


Amazing the photos - I was just amazed!

Allison Scagliotti - Sintel

Almost. I also know one other person in my church that looks like kinda like Sintel as well. Strangeley :eek:

Mmm… what church do you go to?

Just a fairly well sized church called crown valley community church.

are there… are there dragons? :smiley:

lol yeah treebeard does look like the other guy