Totally newbee with no python

Hi! totally newbee
Just installed Blender and don’t understand anything of the interface so i guess everything is normal so far. What’s not normal, I think, is that Blender don’t find Python.

The console looks like this:

I have installed Python 2.4.2

I’m clueless, any hints on solutions highly appreciated


Maby you should try the blenderversion that uses python 2.4 :smiley:
anyway, blender not finding python is not that dangerous. As long as you are a noob, you problably wont notice. Its just that you cant use some of the plugins.

The reason for installing Blender is a couple of nice Python-scrips for importing and exporting Nif-files. Newbee to blender I should say, did my first 3d-models in '86 :wink:

So a older version of Phyton will solve this? I think it said 2.3 or newer, but I might be mistaken.

2.37a and earlier releases are compatible with python 2.3
2.40alpha and later are python 2.4


Recent versions of Blender use Python 2.3. ( 2.3.5 is lastest in that Python series, iirc). The current alpha version of Blender uses Python 2.4.

For the Windos platform, a big handful of the standard python modules are built in. Try running your script. It may work! If you get import errors, you need to install Python 2.3.

Thanks! :smiley:
Just downloaded Python 2.35 but I don’t have time to test it right now.

Cheers! Oom