Totally newbie lost in running a simple setup-> sphere does not react on keyboard input

Totally newbie here. I have a bit Blender experience but NO UPBGE experience.

Just created a plane, a sphere and this logic:

Sphere like this:


if i tap on “embedded start” …it does…nothing :cry: I hoped for the sphere to fall on plane and that it reacts on my keyboard input…

what did i miss?

I am working on a Macbook…if this is kind of relevant…

i would also like to watch some beginner tutorials which are from this or last year, if possible…so also links would be helpful.

It can be you push the force against the plane. Check this blend (119.5 KB)

Good luck with this… If you are totally new to game creation, I’m not sure that UPBGE is your best ( easiest ) choice.

You need an understanding of how the logic blocks themselves work - their bundles are similar to telephone communication - on the one hand a signal comes (a condition is possible several conditions) the signal for passing is connected by a controller and transmitted to the actuators everything is very simple, if you are new to logic blocks, try to create simple connections - the keyboard sensor and the motion actuator to understand how the signal arrives and how the actuator does something when the signal arrives, also remember that there are several modes of operation of the sensor - it is a constant pulse mode while the sensor is active, it sends signals to the actuator and a one-time mode when you pressed a key, but the signal passed once because of this, you may not even notice the movement of the object, it is possible that in order to understand the work you will need to look for and disassemble old examples for the game engine created from logical blocks

Thanks for your reply. It turns out that i have this problem only on the newest download of UPBGE. On an older version the same file works as expected.

being on both a mac and an alpha build? you are in for an uphill climb…

I have a bit Blender experience so i think it is not the worst choice. But yes, i take a look at Unreal engine too right now :wink:

Well…LordLoki already fixed it! So i think, the support for it seems to be really fast and great! :blush:

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