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(VelikM) #1

I’m browsing/posting with IE 5.5 running on Windows2000, running on my PowerBook running OS X, I didn’t know I could do that.
It must be a Mac trick :wink:

(Sprite) #2

I’ve been wondering …

I’m a happy owner of a Compaq laptop (don’t laugh, it has survived a year of my abuse, which includes installing two different operating systems and wearing out the keys so the letters are nearly gone), but I’ve been eyeing the OS X platform, since it is so pretty and will allow me to hack Unix some more. :slight_smile:

How fast can you run Windows on that thing? I’ve heard from somewhere that it’s a touch sluggish.

(stephen2002) #3

I would highly recomend against buying a Mac. They are slower than PC processors on rendering tests.

(VelikM) #4

Windows2000 Professional running in Virtual PC is a little slower than Windows Server2000 was on my dual pII 350 system (if it’s the only app running) if I have other app’s open it slows down more(about like a p 200) depending on what app’s I’m running, it process’s pretty fast but the UI slows down. AutoCad LT97 run’s really well, almost no hesitation. I’m running it on a PowerBook Titaninum G4 550 384MB, if you had a dual G4, Virtual PC will use both CPU’s(you could run blender on windows and render with both CPU’s :)) My PowerBook does render slower than my PII 350 linux box, if I render in the UI, using the command line and background rendering it’s really fast! OS X is a nice OS (you can get the full development package from the Apple site for free), great UI with the full Unix command line at your beck and call, it would be nice to have more than one desktop though(you can through third party ware).

(xype) #5

On 2002-03-25 05:53, stephen2002 wrote:
I would highly recomend against buying a Mac. They are slower than PC processors on rendering tests.

Actually I did quite some big image rendering (3000x3000 raytracing) on the G4 733 at school and it was really surprisingly ok. I came to the conclusion that nowerdays the thing that really has an impact on rendering speed is the amount of ram (the G4 having 640mb) so if someone want to render a lot it’s ram that does it. I mean on raw floating point and integer stuff x86 CPUs are now better, but doing anything like caustics, raytracing or bigger resolutions eats up ram more than anything.

still I will get an Athlon XP, the iMac has to tiny a resolution for me… :frowning: