Totem of... nothing I guess

Any ideas, or does it just plain suck?

Perhaps get rid of the light(steam?), pile some dirt around the base, fix the texture, remodel the nose, maybe make eyes a little bit yellowed.
It doesn’t suck, it just needs some more work.

  1. pofo

whoa…i love halo! its ust great no matter where u put it…the scenes good too, good textures, nice modeling, a little simple though, but the composition aand overall feel of the scene is great

Not bad at all dude!!! I would KEEP the white smoke looking stuff comming out of his mouth, but maybe make the eyes a little more droopy and red, just my oppinion!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Yeah, this was a totally random mess of stuff I did, so I may update it later.

definately needs something to blend the head into the ground. the background texture needs work… good start! keep working at it!


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