Totem statuette

(Timur Pavlov) #1

Personal project.
Modeling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, retopology, rendering, compositing - Blender.
Texturing - SP.
Few more samples here:

(Photox) #2

Very nice. Personally the first one with the chromatic aberration is distracting though, but the others are quite nice.

(Timur Pavlov) #3

Thanks, glad you liked it.

(djwaterman) #4

This is really fantastic, the sculpted detail holds up amazingly well. Is it your own design or is it based off a reference?

(Timur Pavlov) #5

Thank you @djwaterman . This is my own work, from concept creation to final render.

(djwaterman) #6

Well it’s a great design with authentic feel.