From the Ghibli fantasy film, “My neighbour Totoro” Totoro is a wood spirit, basically a thing that smiles at stuff and sleeps in the forest next to a tree. He has the ability to make trees grow, and can summon the catbus, which runs faster than a bullet train.
As far as I am aware there are no current plans for a Totoro Vs Predator movie, but if there is I am sure Totoro would own Predator hands down. I keep my fingers crossed that this movie will happen within the next 30 years, in the meantime I have started making a 3D Totoro character for my own amusement.
Please suggest improvements.

one question though, where are the flare coming from!

Unfortunately, Hayao Miyazaki has announced his retirement, and, although he’s done that before, he is getting pretty old, and may mean it this time. So I really don’t expect to see Totoro in any more films.

Totoro’s light colored belly fur has a round boundary at the top, and the upper part of his chest has those little chevron shapes. He also has three whiskers on each side, and fuzzy ears. But you’re getting there.

yes I will add the smaller details soon. @bat3a the flare is coming from GIMP.

I think he meant what could be causing the lens flare. Modeling is good but it needs a brighter main light, and lens flare really never looks good so try not to use it.

the lens flare is caused by epicness hitting the lens. Like in JJ Abrams movies.

I would heavily advise either adding a light source or getting rid of the lense flare entirely. Good modeling, though.

ha ha, that was among the most beautiful responses I have read. :slight_smile:
I love Totoro.

I notice the edges of the fur on his tummy are a bit… aliased (for lack of a better word) around his armpits and legs. Is the fur defined by a polygon selection? Maybe you could change the topology so that the tummy fur area is bordered by a smooth edge loop.

yes, i just used a vertex group. I will consider trying to change the topology but it will be difficult. Also, does anyone know how use a texture to add variation to the hair colours?