Touch and collision sensor not working with parent

For some reason, I am not able to get a touch or collision sensor into my python script using this line:

slopeSensor = cont.sensors["slope"]

The console shows that the sensor is not found. The sensor is currently parented to my rig. When I unparent the object, it works fine… not sure if there is something I don’t know about the touch and collision sensors? If I change the sensor type to for example “ray” it works fine…

blend file:

I don’t know what to tell you other than something weird is happening with the cylinder object that has the sensor. The only solution I found was to delete the object and replace it with a new one.

I’ve replaced the object too, but that has only worked until I re-parented it to the, which then causes it to fail again. Does your work with it re-parented as well?

Yes, it worked fine for me even after parenting it. What version of Blender are you using?

Well… I redid it and now it works, and I think I know why.

Apparently, the “compound” checkbox in “collision bounds” is being used if it is checked, even if “collision bounds” is not checked… so even if “compound” is greyed out… it is still being called and checked. Should I submit a bug for this? I have attached a blend file showing the issue.

near_sensor.blend (501 KB)