Touch and logic not working

Hello, I’m working on this “dice game”, planning to make some kind of yahtzee or something like that. The problem is/was the touch sensor wasn’t working at all, I fixed that using an invissible ghost plain and when it passes it a property will be set to 1. That works but when that property is 1 and I click on the dice (mouse left button and mouse of sensor and property 1) the property should be set to 2. It only seems to work when my dice is falling (still touching the material of touch sensor).

How could that be fixed? File: game-for-school-03.blend (689 KB)

Also I want to “reset” the position of the dices that have property ‘1’, so when I click them after they are thrown, they should be set property 2 and when I hit “return” the ones with property 1 should be reset so I can throw them again.

So holding the dice you click on, currently it deletes the dice when it’s not “hold”. Because I don’t really know how to go about that. :cool:

EDIT: Using Blender 2.57b

I changed your file.


game-for-school-03.blend (648 KB)