touch screen interface


is it technically possibile to make a touch screen app with blender ge?
If yes could you point me on some good guide or tutorial?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It might, with a mouse function- but only with touch screens like the one on the 3ds rather than a mobile device.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Do you think something like unity is more appropriate for the purpose then?

…I’ll have to show this to my friend…

show what?

sorry if I come back on this. Does it mean for example that is not possible to create apps for android with GE?

Android may be possible in the future but it’s very unlikely to get ios support from what I’ve read.

thank you!

gamekit? but can you translate the mouse movements into touch?

well… I will have a look even if I think gamekit is starting to be a little outdated…

You have the full power of Python available to you. So, you could get something working eventually.