Touch sensor on platforms

I’ve set my character to only jump when touching the material Ground. I set my moving platforms to Ground but the player can stick to the bottom which I don’t want it to be able to do. Also, how can I make platforms which you can pass through from the bottom but not from the top, a bit like in Mario games

About the plat form thing, I have been thinking about that as well. And it would be quite hard to do. You might be able to do it if you make it so that as soon as the object touches the bottom of the surface, it gets moved to the top. That would probably be the best option; and the easiest, although it is probably not the nicest to play with, or look at.

If you have 2 properties for your player (jumping/falling (booleans)), you could check if the jumping boolean is true when colliding with platforms, if it is then you don’t handle the collision, if its false and falling is true then handle the collision as you do. This way, when your player jumps upwards, it should travel through the platform but when falling, the player will stop on the platform. Obviously a small amount of python will be needed.