Touchpad working like a drawing tablet

Hi guys!

I just had an idea: Instead of using a tablet to draw, wouldn’t it be awesome to have the ability to draw on your laptop’s touchpad too? (using some pen)

I don’t know if this is the right forum, but can somebody enlighten me?:slight_smile:
Is it possible to create a script that makes the touchpad behave like a drawing tablet? (Gimp could really use such a feature I think)

The main problem:
1 stroke in the touchpad displaces the brush
Repeating the 1st brush stroke(common drawing technique) won’t work because it will START from where the 1st stroke ENDS. Can this be changed?

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen something like this. :slight_smile:
If this isn’t the right forum can someone please point to the right one?

Thank you in advance:D

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