Tough guy 2

(OTO) #1


Now, that the BlueWarrior is almost a star here’s again, but in a game situation
Honestly i only want to hear you say that i’m “great” :slight_smile:

Note the 200 FPS (this will be much lower in the future i guess) under Linux, whereas
under windoze i get 86?? Bizarre, bizarre!!
Any idea about that??

(xintoc) #2

Very nice, I like it!
It seems like it’s bump mapping?

(S_W) #3

Cooool work!! :wink:

(xhyldazhk) #4

Very cool!! You ought to write a texture creation/uv mapping tutorial!! :wink:

P.S.: Which graphics card do you used?

(gorgan_almi) #5

Very nice!! :smiley:

You’ve got a lot of UV mapping there but with a suprisingly high frame rate. Curious.

(Pooba) #6

Holy crap! 200FPS? Nice looking too. That looks like a high-poly model too…
What kind of comp do you have?


(OTO) #7

Once again, thank you to all for the comments (ahhh…) :slight_smile:

I have a AMD xp1800+GForce ti 4200/64

The model is a quite low count one: 523 vertices

I have some tuts on UV texturing here:


(Blender_owl) #8

nice, are you entering in the game blender contest ?

(ineedanewbi) #9

ahh… he don’t look so tough, i could take him on with one hand tied behind my back ! …jj :smiley:

(Tonberry) #10

great tutorial with “Otto”… gonna print it out and read it! :))

(saluk) #11

You’re very good!

I like the texture on the walls very much, and that geforce card sounds very nice.