Tough Terrain Racing

Join?: If you are interested in joining here’s what I need:

Hey guys, this is my first Blender game project I’ll be working on. Let me give you some details about this WIP.

Concept/Game Data: A mostly off-road driving game in which you can choose from a variety of off-road vehicles such as buggies, sand rails, etc. Levels consist of a course, which gets harder and harder as you go up levels. Each level has a single checkpoint to reach at the end of the course. The courses will start quite simple and get harder and harder as you go up. In-game menu’s will allow you to adjust few vehicle settings, such as ride height. As you reach certain levels, you unlock “Exotic Challenges”. “Exotic Challenges”, are courses that are nearly impossible unless you find the PERFECT groove in the track. Exotic Challenges have very good rewards, such as a vehicle that is very fast, looks epic, has a high grip ratio, etc. Also when you reach certain levels you unlock “Vehicle Challenges”. “Vehicle Challenges” are levels in which you pass to unlock more vehicles. Courses will vary in type. There will be concrete courses, rocky courses, dirt courses, and multi-terrain courses which will include 2-3 of those types of courses. Each course type will have it’s ups and downs. Concrete courses will provide higher grip, but will be much more blocky and steeper than other courses. Your suspension will also take a toll, because of jagged transitions. Dirt courses are more like real life hill climbs, in which the hill is very steep, and you just need to floor it to get to the top. Grooves will be important in these tracks. Rocky courses will be similar to hill climbs, but you will have smaller hills. The downside of rocky courses is that there is lower grip, and the rocks are roundly shaped, so climbing them will be a tough encounter. Vehicles will also have their ups and downs, and will serve you better on certain courses. An average buggy will have average stats and be an overall good choice for all tracks. Sand rail type vehicles will have a higher rear grip and top speed, which will benefit in dirt courses. Pickup trucks will have advantages in concrete courses, due to high ground clearance and 4 wheel drive. There will be a second type of buggy (not sure what to name it yet) that will benefit you in rocky courses. Their suspension will be very flexible, and have 4 wheel drive as well. However, they will have a normal ground clearance. Now let’s talk graphics. Most of the models are relatively high res, but shouldn’t be a problem on fps. I am relatively good at texturing, but not used to using textures in the game engine, so I don’t know how that will work. All objects will have nice textures however. ( I have photoshop and am quite good at it) If you have any other questions please reply to the thread.

Why you should join: This project I would like to actually create as a game to sell. So you would make a slight profit depending on you’re role in the game-making process. (Hence a scripter would make the most money =P) Also, this will be a really fun game for people who like driving games. There are very few games of this type, so it will be almost a one of a kind game.

People working on the project: I am sadly alone currently. I don’t personally know anybody else who uses Blender so I am relying on some of you guys to help me out.

ETC: If you have any other information that you would like to know about this project please reply to the thread.

(I hope I’m not missing something)

Here’s a link to a video showing my current progress:
I am currently modeling one of each course type.


Um, the vid was ok I guess, but a little pointless. The sniffling was super annoying. And I would not take Dawisch’s advice. Also, make the treads on the tires a little wider as. I’ve made several buggy’s in blender,

Just thought you might be interested.

You might want to wait until you have a little more content until you post. Good luck.

Umm care to explain why not? You could easily use bump maps and have the tread looking almost the same if not better while lowering the poly count. How is that bad advice? :confused:

Because it wouldn’t look “almost the same”. Sometimes things are better left in 3d. He just needs to make them a little wider. If he wanted to use a bump map, he should make one for the little bolts inside the wheels.

Deja vu. Come on, cease fire a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: It does you both credit that you care enough to argue with each other over the technique that would give him the best results (…you do, right? You’re not just arguing because it’s fun?), but… um… it doesn’t that you bat a FIREY BALL OF DOOM WITH FLAME-RETARDANT BADMINTON RACQUETS RIGHT OVER HIS HEAD.

capslock stuck[/griffin]

Edit: And what are you talking about, the inside of the wheels will never be seen by the player. He should be focusing mainly on the specular and surface properties of the vehicle, people don’t look at wheels that closely and they should be blurred when in motion anyway. He should do that!

Edit: And I misinterpreted ‘inside’! I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT

This look plenty 3D to me and the tread is all bump maps…

Come on guys lol, no need to argue =P

And is anybody interested in helping me out? All that has happened was an annoying arguement >:-|

Would you be interested in helping me script? If you scripted in that video you made, the physics seems good. I really need somebody good for the suspension. If that’s not good, this game is a bust.

And by the way, I’m really quite offended by how rude you were about the video. “Um, the vid was ok I guess, but a little pointless. The sniffling was super annoying.” I can’t breathe at the moment because I’m sick. But thanks for the advice about the tires, I’ve changed it.

Well, I’m a rude and blunt person. Anyway, I did not script that, I used a very useful and comprehensive set up that I found at:

and here is the tutorial exactly:

The vehicle wrapper is a very powerful tool, have fun with it! You can easily tweak the settings to give it a specific feel. Just read through the tutorial and you’ll find everything you need.

good luck

Thanks a lot man. Would you want to help me out with the game? Can you model or texture?

Tomorrow before or after school I’m posting some progress. I am adjusting the wheel models, and trying out panels on the buggy.

Sorry, I’m super busy with this NASA art contest thing, and once this is done I plan on working on something else. I wouldn’t mind making a buggy or something. No promises though.

Even after all these years is good to see these kind of posts still are being made. So cute. Your like #1,293,308,223 “imma make a huge game” post. I miss this place. I really do. NOT!

Advice. Start small. Make a nice model, maybe a low detail level. Then ask for help. People who made Motorstorm were a) paid b) pros c) paid.

Start small buddy. Trust me. I have read your post(like it) too many times in all these years. That goes for the rest of you kiddos. :slight_smile:

Let me see something YOU made

Sounds good =)

With panels:
Without panels:

Looks nice :slight_smile: just needs an engine now, and some seats/sterring wheel :wink:

Thanks bud, glad to see you’ve found the thread. I know it’s going good if you reply =P The engine I might need some help on, but the seats/steering wheel I’ll do now. Which model did you like better, with or without panels?

I can’t seem to get that game script working correctly. Would I be able to send you the .blend file and see if you can figure it out? I just can’t steer/drive the car. Everything else works fine. I’ll adjust the other settings once I can drive lol.

Why do you say that? He replies to everything.

Anyway, if you can’t figure out how to use the vehicle wrapper, you might want to drop this and try something simpler. Did you even read the tutorial? It even gives you the blend files at the end. All you would need to do, if you’re too lazy to read it, is replace the default car mesh and wheel meshes with your own.