First post in the BlenderArtists forum!
Made this image after overdosing on Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly in between exams.
Modelled, sculpted, textured and rendered with 2.48.
Currently trying to get the particle system to emit some smoke from that cigar, otherwise to be seen as a finished project.

Any constructive criticism is of course wanted and welcomed…


Nice work overall! I’d say the lighting and texturing would benefit some work. But you MUST get rid of the crease right between the eyes and going up on his forehead! :slight_smile:

Bonus point if you give it a nice background to fit the theme!

Thanks! And wow, rapid response, I really wasn’t expecting that.
The crease isn’t a texture error (there are no mapped textures in his face), but an intetionally sculptet part of his facial features. But if it looks like bad texturing I will definately rework that part ;).
I am working on some details now, and I’ll see what I can come up with for a background.

Ya I know it wasn’t texture, it looks like all vertices are merged on that same spot between the eyes. It should be as wide as the nose and smoothly blend with the forehead. And the background is simply to set the mood :slight_smile:

Ah! Me understand now :slight_smile:
I’ll keep that in mind when I’m reworking it a little.