Tour Through Space

Hello all! I’m am new to the BlenderArtists Forum and yet i’d like to share a little preview of my Space Tour Animation in Blender Render.

It goes from the surface of the Sun to the view of the Universum.
The camera goes backwards with keyframes.

You will see those 2 Galaxies in the full screen too.

Critism and Feedback is always welcome.

I know, the textures aren’t the best quality, although they are 2000x1000

2000 x 1000 pixels might seem big, but wrapped around a sphere you’ll only see a fraction of it.

Here’s an example 2000 x 1000 pixel texture. The blue square is 3/4 height (750 pixels), green is 1/2 height (500 px), and red is 1/4 height (250 px):

Depending on how close the camera is to the sphere, you might only be seeing a 1/4 of the texture’s height. If you are rendering the animation at 1280 x 720 pixels, those 250 pixels get enlarged quite a bit.