Towel for round table


I’m having issues creating a towel for a round table.

The scene I’m building:

I was trying something like in this article:

but I dont need it to be an animation of a collision with a table, just a static render.

Someone has some thoughts about it?


If you need it to be a static render you can just render a particular frame.

Bake a cloth simulation of a cloth falling on your table. Go to the frame that shows the cloth shape you want and apply the cloth modifier. This fixes the mesh into this new shape and clears the cloth sim.


Assuming that by “towel” you mean “tablecloth” as it’s called in the U.S., I’d recommend using a Cloth object rather than Soft Body. Once your Cloth sim is baked you can choose a frame that you like and Apply the Cloth modifier to “freeze” the Cloth mesh in that shape for your rendering.