Tower Defense Demo

Hey guys just wanted to show a little tower defense type game demo i did, the graphics werent meant do be anything fancy just to show the demo on what it can do.

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PLEASE HELP! does anyone have any way of doing this sort of thing, were the player has this type of cursor thing…? How i did it now is i animated it. But theres gonna be hundreds of blocks and i really do not want to programm all of that. PLEASE HELP

I would use the mouse script and have the mouse pointed towards the floor, instead of pointed toward the camera.
You could have the camera in the overlay scene rotated and move in the exact same way as in the main scene, or you could take the cursor out of the overlay and put it in the main scene.

Ah, I forgot to react to your work… It looks good, but it’s pretty simple right now. You can make this in a couple of minutes. It will improve alot if you make it way more complicated. :slight_smile:

Why are you still using 2.49?

@mirata thanks really appreciate it, first off i use 2.49 cause most of my projects were in 2.49 never converted them or bothered really getting used to the UI of 2.5, and yeah this is just a really small test, there will be more stuff and will be much more complicated i just wanted to post what i had so far, thanks for the help.

oh and also could you explain more about the mouse script?

can anyone explain how i could snap the mouse cursor to the ground?

There are two way’s of acheiving this, one is to use mathamatics, the other is more simple.
The easiest solution would be to have a grid of empties, where you would like the cursor to ‘snap to’
In blender 2.5, there is an api function that allows you to access the mouse coordinates, and so you would do something like this.
Make a cursor icon like in the videos. Have four empties per tile equally spaced. Give them a property called “node”
more coming…