Tower Defense starting template

I’ve put together a tower defense starting template which you can use as a starting point. Feel free to use for personal or commercial application, you can give credit however it is not necessary.
This demo/template contains:
-tracking turrets that shoot
-enemy navigation
-player health
-gravestone upon enemy death

I also made a short video going over how the majority of the template works and how it is setup.
You can watch the video here:

Additional information:
Some tips on manipulating the grid:

to create the grid use 2 array modifiers on the plane, one with a constant offset of 0.25x relative offset 1.0 x and the other with a constant offset of 0.25y relative offset 1.0 y.

If you need to change any logic join all the grid together as one object. Apply changes to logic. Press p in edit mode - separate by loose parts - Object mode - make sure all tiles are selected - ctrl + shift + alt + c - origin to geometry.

I have used SuperGloop’s track to nearest script on each turret

To get this Freebie and many others for BGE check out my webpage: