Tower (Noob)

Now i’m sure many of you have seen my posts before and are probably disgusted by them. I start a project but never seem to finish it. I’m going to finish this project. Okay well i’ve tried to set up a scene that I want and i got the overall layout. I want to add trees, clouds, it’s sunset so get a nice battle worn sunset look, give the tower nice texture, get some nice uneven grass, put out some nice boulders, maybe put up a banner. This is all I have so far so please walk me through it. I definitely can criticize but i can’t do any work so i’m basically a big noob. :smiley: I really need help so what do I do next grass, trees, and etc.

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The link isn’t working even when i copy paste.
Weird, post a direct link please.

EDIT: lol now it comes up,
dude, that’s just a bit too plain to crit on now, smooth the landscape, change the background, i think a image would work.
Anyways, tower isn’t alot right now.
I’ll be watching tho.

no my question is for before i start detailing what’s the next step after smoothing and detailing do I add trees or grass first or does it matter?


Nope, not at all - it’s always enjoyable watching somebody grow better at a skill, at seeing the exhilaration of the learner as they master a new challenge. Its one of the great joys of being a parent…

It really doesn’t matter whether you do the trees or the grass next, though I’d be inclined to concentrate on the trees first since they will require more effort than grass.
Also, if you’re going to put areas under the trees where the grass is thinned out, having the trees there first will make this easier.

The very first thing I would probably do is change the camera angle so that the tower wasn’t smack in the middle (left right) of the image, this will make the (same) image even more appealing to the eye.

Nice futuristic feel that the single slit-window of the tower provides.

vincimus, if you keep at it, you will become really good at blender, trust me…look at my first ever thread if you dont beleive me!

for trees you could use the gen3 generator, even though i never got it to work.

lol yeah I’m probably going to have to just do my own. Yeah and thanks for the support ok well since I’ve had enough rest i’m getting started again and will post some pics within hour.

Okay I smoothed out the terrain and i’m going to try figuring out that tree generator but I’m probably going to make the image I’m making a poster so I might have to do it more realistically.

Cool, that’s better.
For some reason, it reminds me of both MadMax and of BladeRunner (as vastly different as they are)

Dunno if this is any use to you or not: Tree Modeling Tute @ Evermotion

Ok well I tried using Treegenerator from and it was perfect it got me exactly what I need except for the fact that I had to use v1.2 and that one doesn’t export .3ds or anything like that. It exports .dxf so I said okay well blender probably imports that. Of course blender supports .dxf and so I tried importing it into blender select the file and okay. Error check python console okay so maybe because I had tree generator open. Oh wait my field and tower are gone! I had to take my original save and resmooth the field because I lost the work I had. So can someone point me to some nice trees please?

Edit1: Oh sorry I didn’t see your tree post. Refresh is highly unused by me lol.
Edit2: That tutorial seems a little complicated and hard for me I might try after all this. Okay well easy tree generator stinks I can’t even get it to run. I’m going to try gen3 and tree generator 1.2 is bad too.
Edit3: Okay well I have finally decided to go on a premade tree I was kind of looking for dead and burned type tree but I guess there’s not a single free tree on the internet like that. Anyway I was wondering what tree I should do and decided lets make it a pine and then i’ll cover the hills with snow.
Edit4: Okay well the trees I selected are in an incompatible format. One is a .con file and the other .bro file.

any ideas?

Lol, no worries - I forget too, but instant email notification lets me keep the illusion.:wink:

Um, how are these for ya?
Free trees at

If you like, just make sure you grab one that’s in OBJ format. Quite a few of them are in GMAX format. You can download it form somewhere (I forget) and then apply for a key from TurboSquid. But if you’re in a hurry, you can find a key or keygen on one of the FlightSim forums somewhere, since TurboSquid have been a bit slow in the past with giving you a key (that’s free anyway)

One important thing though - You can’t export from GMAX without getting an OBJ export script. I’ve heard they can be a bit hard to get, but never bothered, so can’t enlighten you, I’m affraid.

Just wondering, how did you go with that U3 Blender I did ya the other week? Any good?


For sure, use Gen3 for trees but i think you should work on your scene first before jumping into scripts like this. Focus on improving the scene, the tower for 1 should be your focus for now.
Simon: What happened to your fruit?

:eek: Crap!! You’re onto me…

:Grins: Sorry FloorPlay - I’ve been meaning to get back to that thread. I’ve just been running around like a headless chook and have found it really hard to get enough time in one sitting to make an improvement to the piece.

PM on the way…

I have a good memory Simon.

Okay so like what on the tower do I need to do?

I want the tower to be plain as possible pretty much just one big stone tower.

oh the theme is medieval

okay well then…

Look at some pictures of Stone Towers, decide on a design you like. It can be simple or complex, then model it. It doesn’t have to be exact because this is your tower not someone elses. Then when you get your tower done you’ll need to start on texturing the tower or modeling a scene.

Why don’t you try setting-up the scene a little further, with some scrims and props? Okay, call it “previsualization.”

In other words, instead of getting distracted right now with those trees, why not put up a few green planes of various shapes and sizes where the trees will eventually be, and just go ahead and explore other ideas for the scene: how you might want to block it out, where the camera might go, what’s to be in the background, how you might go about lighting it, what the mood’s going to be, and so-on and on and on and on.

I find it’s useful to try to avoid the “first rabbit principle,” which means that … the first rabbit you come to, don’t just go chasing after at it. You know you want trees and you know you don’t know how to do trees but that does not mean that the next thing that needs to consume your waking-moments is, “how to do trees” … tempting though that might be.