Tower of Babel

My second project. Made it for a contest on Gathering of Tweakers.

Not totally satisfied with the materials cuzz I don’t understand the material system 100% yet. Also I tried to get a decent lighting for more then an hour and then I was sick of it. And made my materials Shadeless and deleted the lamp :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why you haven’t changed the viewpoint in the final render - if I was going to render a tower I would put the camera at the foot of the tower to give it a sense of size - like standing at the foot of the Eiffel tower looking up.

Cuzz Mr. M. C. Escher used this vieuwport :slight_smile:

C&C are more then welcome cuzz I’m learning by the way

oi, oi… it’s Maurits Cornelis Escher he wouldn’t have liked it if you’d spelled this man’s name fault!

When I saw the name it thought of Escher, and when I saw it, it was indeed inspired by hem. Really well done, the effect is really cool, very like the origional one. I don’t really have much to crit, other that this one isn’t finished and needs loads of detailling. The way it is now, is like a tower, not the Tower of Babel done by Escher.

I think you’re of for a good start, but really need to finish it. Or I will :D…

Mea Culpa about screwing up the name.

About the detailing you mean background and loads of materials I guess (the tower can use a wee bit more of detail on top). I might do that.

But I have problems with assigning the materials to the right polies. Dunno why but when I try to add a new material to a selection (with the New button in the assign and materials panel) it just assigns it to my whole mesh. And I really dunno how to fix that. Trying to read all I can find about it (wich isn’t much).

So what I do is:
Select the faces who need a third texture
Push the New button
Push the Assign button
Assign another texture (that I allready use but it should be used as spher this time)
Make the material “sphere” in map input

and then try rendering it and the whole of my mesh has that third texture. Where is my mistake?

If annybody has a “advanced” material tutorial here is the place to be.

This is how I assign diffirent materials to one object:

  • first push the “new” button (like you did)
    -then go back to the shading tab (material buttons). There you will find a field with the following content OB: “object name”. Next to that frame you should notice two bottons a green one labeled ME and a beige one labeled OB. Push one of these buttons.
  • you should see a new material ready to be assigned. There’s a button “add new” push it.
  • when you’ve done that you can assign that material to the preferred faces of your object. Select the faces you want to have a new texture and simply push “assign”. This should work but please correct me when I’m wrong.

Now some comments on your work: it looks very unfinished indeed. Some decent textures (like brick walls etc) could do miracles. Also, try to tweak the lighting because the whole scene is really looking too bland if you ask me.

GL and greetz, Fritz.

About the lighting there is none everything is shadeless :slight_smile:

but I’ll try to make some lighting. And the assigning of new textures works.

maybe it does not fit with the style of the art in this thread, but I always thought it must be a great project trying to model this one. I’d like to do it myself but I still need VERY much training so it would be nice to see someone else trying it.

nice archetecture… verry good details

thanks poof but I think the material issue is still huge. Especially cuzz I ended up last in the contest. But practice makes perfect. I’ll post a update one of these days.