Tower of Hanoi animation by algorithm

I used Blender to create an animation of solving the Tower of Hanoi puzzle using a recursive algorithm.

The end result can be seen here:

I created the initial discs and towers by hand. I then created a Python script that automatically determined the next movements and inserted the appropriate keyframes for generating the animation.

The github link for the files are here:
Including, if you want to see examples of using the algorithm and inserting keyframes in Python.

Render stats:
Render time: ~40 hours
Render: Cycles with Subsurface Scattering using GPU Compute Experimental Feature Set.
Resolution: 1080p at 24 fps
Samples: 500


Major nerd points!

Nerdy…yes :slight_smile: I have been working on learning Python by studying data structures and algorithms. I got a picture in my mind of doing this, so I jumped to Blender and coded it in.