Tower on Island

Here’s a very recent project I just picked up, as my free time has been way too limited lately. So far it’s simple, but I’m thinking of exactly what I want to add, and where. Even after subsurf, vert count is under 25,000, particle system not included. The detail on the stone is mostly from displacement in the node system. So I want this to include more, but I also want to keep practicing with Blender and finish this project within a week and a half. This was inspired by seeing works by Takannori Aiba, who had some projects that melded bonsai and sculptures together to create awesome works. I encourage anyone to search out his work I’m referring to.

In addition to the particle system that includes stones, I’d like to also add some trees with billboards. This is not the final camera angle, and this camera angle does not show the entire mesh.

Like the stone displacement. Did you use only an environment lighting ?

Hey, thanks. Here’s the node setup. I just experimented until I found what worked for me. And there is only two mesh emitters to light the scene. The sky was added in post.

Good to see you finding some time for Blender :slight_smile: The rock displacement works like a charm. I thought that you may have sculpted it, but now I see that it is a very clever mix of textures for the displacement output. Together with the particles this looks really nice.

I searched for your reference images and I like them also. This combination of trees and housing has something special.

It will be fun to follow your thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks Minoribus. Considering the time I’ve spent so far on it, I’m pleased with the displacement. I will tweak it some more, and I want to get some variation in color of the stone as well. I originally sculpted the mesh, the applied a decimate modifier to it. I appreciate you dropping in :). I have to start finishing projects, haha.

Update. finally I get some time to experiment with the displacement nodes and I’ve made a more complex version which I’m liking. The billboard particle system for the trees I’m using needs more work, so here’s an updated render without trees. Here’s a comparison between no displacement and the new displacement node setup.

Looking good! :slight_smile:

Now that’s quite a change from a cappuccino maker :slight_smile: Are you thinking about it being on the sea?

The new and finer displacement looks good. In the larger view I can see the little details better. Is there any chance to increase the subsurf level to make the finer ridges a bit more sharp?

Great looking mountain, I really like the details of the ridges and rocks. Your process seems to create convincing results, Frobenius!

By the way, is there something purple near the base of the steps? I’m sure I can see a purple/violet color there, but maybe it is just an illusion.