tower ruins

This is my third project which took about 3 weeks of on and off work to complete and was rendered with blender internal :slight_smile:
![ render.jpg]( render.jpg)

the tower ruins appears to be newly built. experiment on textures.

Sky seems a little too purple to be on Earth.
From the angle of the sun, it would be more orange than anything.

And the horizon doesn’t look quite right with the angle and sunrise/set. There should be mountains or something in the distance, but the world mysteriously ends shortly after the tower. :wink:

And the ‘tower’ is quite short or else its REALLY tall grass.

I probably still can’t post links, so let’s do a workaround:
google “blender 3d background foreground images” - first hit will be a page on blender3dclub. This should help :wink:


IIIII think its good. but i second what most of you guys are saying. Nice mood though.

Where are all the fallen rocks and other tower bits?

Hey man! Sweet third project. That’s really good for being pretty new at it. I agree with what some of the guys said, but you’ll learn that in time with practice. I like the way you did the mortar between the bricks and made them uneven at the top so it looks worn down. Keep blending man!

Thanks for all of the advice etc. it will help next time :slight_smile:
@ Skyler
haha lets say that its on a hill with a weird camera angle so you cant see far :wink:

@ archipeep
to be honest i couldn’t really be bothered to make it much bigger

@ aiWorks
thanks, i’ll use that next time if i need to

@Sammaron + Crititrozoz
Thank you :slight_smile:

@ scrag_10
i knew i forgot to do something, i was thinking about it when i was making the bricks, then just forgot :frowning: