Tower scene

This one has been quite a challenge to do, specially the mats/tex and light settings, which I feel could be much much better. Learned a lot as well.

Did some minor post-pro in gimp.

nice texturing,very realistic trees and plants,the mountains look too smooth,but overall is a very nice work,except for the water(set its material with a ray transp and alpha 0.50…)

Very nice. Would have been nice to see the ground extended further away, but still very nice!



Thank you and I’ve also been thinking about making the water a bit transparent, but didn’t like the result very much. Didn’t try with the alpha though, thanks for the tip. And now that you mention it, the mountains do look very smooth.


Thanks! I wanted it to extend further as well, but I saw the problem much later when I was almost done with the ground. So I’ve added those mountains to fill it.


Thank you!

its nice… Your hard work resulted in a very good and effective manner…


Thank you! :slight_smile:

i like the fairytale feel to it :smiley:
about the water, you did the right thing, just needs to match the colour of the sky :stuck_out_tongue: