Tower Siege 2 (Abandonware Game)

Click the link in my signature to find the WIP thread. This game is now abandonware. So I’m going to release the blend file to ONE lucky person =)

Since the game took countless hours and has tons of python in it and all around a LOT of work, I’m not giving it to anyone. First you have to agree to all the conditions below, then PM me the form below.


I will not redistribute the blend file
If I use this in commercial projects I must first get permission from -[Killer]- and workout a percentage that -[Killer]- Will make from the profits.
I will not redistribute, sell, or give away in a pack; any of the models, textures, or animations in the game.

If you agree to the terms go ahead and PM me the form below =)

What Will I use the file for
Commercial or Free
Opensource or closed
team project?

Go ahead and PM it to me and I’ll send you the blend file =)

I hope I’m not being bothersome with the terms and form, but I put a LOT of work into the game (3 months work, 30+ hours a week) and I don’t want to give the game to someone who will just let it sit and rot on their hard drive.

OR, you can ask me nicely and maybe I’ll use tower siege 2 to make an RTS template for the BGE, your call =)

I hate to be the first to ask, but do you have any shot screens… or perhaps more information about the game? Having more information would draw more people.

PS: I don’t think this thread is in the right forum.

Edit: Nevermind. The link to the game is in your signature. My mistake.

Yeah wrong forum. Try posting it in the “adopt an unfinished game” thread: