Hi i am not very good at texturing maybe u could help me with this. I made tower and gave it some textures but i think it looks veird =)
Can u help me pls

looks too plastic…maybe you could try just a tiny little bit fract subdivide, or maybe turn off the smoothness at some places, people seem to always set smooth even in locations it is not needed.
turn off all spec in the wall, and the metal thingy…if it’s really metal, mirror it just a bit, if it’salso supposed to be stone…it has too much spec.
now the door…it seems that you wanted 2 doors…so make it 2 instead of 1 cube…make a tiny hole between them, so it will be possible to see those are 2 doors. also i think you need weaker lighting…it is night after all…
hmmm…what else…i think that’s all…good luck!

You could ad a bunpmap of bricks or a stucci bumpmap. Also increase the specular of the wall a tiny bit and increase the specular hardness. The model is quiet origional. If you’dd work it out nicely it would be very cool I think.

Btw I love your avatar, I really really love the game the Neverhood. I inspired the Neverhood for the painting in my bedroom. Now it looks klay-ish… :smiley: