Towering Chair

Just made this with cycles, wanted to see how far could go with making a scene in the test software :slight_smile: this went through 850 passes, had node compositing of some glare and colour stuff.

The top image is with nodes and text, the bottom attachment is straight from render
Please comment and critique on likes and dislikes:

Also does anyone know if it is possible to apply textures in cycles yet and if so how? my textures tab is empty :frowning: no buttons or anything. Thanks


nice. magnificent staging of a simple chair. like it, especially the modeling.
ps: excuse my bad english. i’m from germany.

Your’ English is fine, better than my german :stuck_out_tongue: lol Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Very nice rendering!

You can add textures from the node editor (material) Add -> Texture -> Image Texture. Then you need to browse one from the Properties editor (material). To apply mapping Add -> Input -> Texture Coordinates.
The one thing i cant do is to change the generated mapping, so you maybe need to uv map it.

Keep it up! :yes:


A pretty nice design!I do think you pay attention to the detail stuff! So the metal and chari surface seems pretty glossy!