Towers of enchanting illusions

Hi there
this is a fantasy,I’m currently working on,made entirely using Blender (modeling/texturing/rendering/compositing)
feel welcome to send any feedback,critique and/or pose any questions you might have


Are you related to mc.Escher ? nice work Peter, im really intrested to see where you go with this, i love the concept. the sky is trippy. the perspective is enhanced by the ground plane. so far it looks like it came out of some strange dream. i also like to see the mechanical and leading nature of the stairways & walkways. its like you want to try to pick the best stairway to use. i think its looking real nice ! bs.

Thank you bro.steve77 for your kind words,happy you appreciated it,Peter

i wouldnt say it if i didnt mean it. Peter are you sure you never hung out with my old friend Salvadore ? i can see why your a teacher, you didnt start this stuff yesterday. i will try to ck. out some of your tutes. my computer has been dragging feet on video tutes, slow speed. last night it took 20 mins. to see a 2 min. tutorial. any way, keep up the good work, via con Dios, amego bs.