Town planning, architecture & design projects


Wishing you all the very best for this new year,
I’m glad to annonce the birth of our website :

Modeling with Sketchup,
Rendering with Blender (in some projects)
Enjoy !

Best regards

Slimane Ouahès
Architecte DPLG

I like your renders.
Did you use a toon shading option to get those solid colours?

First, I have to say that 'm a complete Blender beginner.
There are 3 types of renders on the site :

1/ Pure Sketchup display
2/ Blender internal (with or without occlusion)
4/ Blender / yayfray

…And I 'don’t know what is and how to use “toon shading” in Blender.

Letterip Is looking for testimonials about Blender commercial usage.
I think that your work is a good example:

Thanks for that.
I’ll send an email.


What did you use to render this?

1/ pure sketchup display
2/ post prod : isolated the red colors to make the rest of the image gray like.
the intent was to focus on the project.

That is some beautiful design and architecture.

Great work.


Thanks !
I really think blender could be used more by architects.
It could be a new thread subject…?

A very slick and well designed site you have there and the architecture looks very impressive too !!


Thanks, I’m happy you like it …

Blender and sketchup are working pretty well together since the blender 2.40
is importing 3ds files from sketchup more efficiently.
As I’m not mastering blender I used it to render and make some animations for the design models but the eggo chair was done entirely with blender.
Very nice prog. I want to go further…

excellent stuff!

beautiful renders and very nice design.


you are encouraging me a lot by your gentle comments…
Big thanks to the blender foundation ! It is incredible to have a very good prog like that in open source… bravo.

I have on the site a link to “ora-ito studio” which could be very inspiring for you guys who like to design. They are starting to make some interior architecture too (latest : Toyota show-room in Paris)

Happy blending !

hi slimslim,

i like especially your comic-style renderings. are those made with sketchup or blender. at least i think they could be done in blender and i shurely will try to use the different styles (blender internal raytracing, comic style and yafray) in my next project.

so if you did those with blender i really would be interested in the settings.

great job

ha ha ha ! The thing is that 's a lot of fun to make them !

I think that you’re talking about the sketchup “renders”. (town planning projects maybe)… They are simply the way sketchup displays the model on the screen. no “renders”, just export what you see and choose in how many pixels and in what file format.

Your projects seem to be interesting and a nice site also… What softs do you use for modeling/rendering ?

Good night everybody … of greenwich time zone…