Toy Car: reflection problem


I want to model a toy car (old firefighter car).

I have the problem that the light plane (see light setup) can be seen as reflected white spot on the car. Does anybody know how to avoid this reflection as I find this ugly.

Thanks a lot!

Car Model:

Light Setup:

Turn off ‘traceable’ on the material of your emitter…

If the plane is not traceable then Yafray seems to handle the area light differently. Without it the scene is almost w/o light.

I also tried multiple lamps (2x2) without the light plane. Result was ok in the sense that I had no ugly reflections but the light itself looks not as realistic as with area light. :frowning:

So is there anything to if I want to use area-lights w/o the emitter plane in Yafray?

Thanks for the help.

  • Tib.

how about using full mode in yafray and letting the “sky” light the car?
you’d have to put it in some sort of box that has an opening that lets light in so that the light would have direction.

i agree with daredemo. also maybe try it without a light plane and area lamp. i tend to get better results with hemi and a little tweaking and moving the light around