Toy car - some advise needed

As a young boy I used to build all sorts of things with Meccano. The “machines” used to grow bigger and bigger - until I ran out of parts.
Well, that’s not a problem with this virtual Meccano :).

But there are a couple of things I want to improve:

  1. The blue tin box should be blank (unpainted) on the inside, with different reflection and specualrity. Howewver, I haven’t found how to do that. Could someone point me to a tutorial or so?
  2. If you look closely on the car’s baseplate, top, near the bended edge, there are some strange dark shades that I don’t know how to get rid of. I tried the Smooth/Solid settings as they seemed to change it. Any hint’s?
  3. Any other comments, critique, suggestions are welcome too. I’m a novice with Blender, so this is just playing around trying to get familiar with it.



Heh, I always used to do that too, cool. :]

  1. Make the tin double-sided, (if you want help withthat I can tell you). Then, in edit mode, select the inside faces that you want the other colour, and–in the links and materials tab of the editing button set–press the ‘new’ button under the material name to make a new material group, and press ‘assign’ to assign the selected inside faces to the new material.

Then go to the Material button set and, in the Links and Pipeline tab, you should see, in the upper right, a box with something similar to ‘1 mat 2’ written in it. Change to the second ‘mat’ (2 mat 2) that you created, and assign it a new material. It should work, unless I’ve written something wrong.

I’ll let other people help you out, too, cause I’m no blender expert. :]

Another possible way to do that is ( I’ll only describe the methode, you need to learn more about each step, sorry no nuch time ^~):
1 - UV unwrap The box;
2 - Paint a color map;
3- Paint a reflection Map;
4- Paint a specular map.
Put each one only afecting is respective chanel and its done.
This way you have full control of everything and you cam project any kind of drawing you want to make a possible Tuning Meccano ^

Looks really nice the mecano and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
The only thing i’d add is to work on the detail of the screws.
Ohyeah and make a nice background. Something like its a room you know…