Toy Car

This is a toy car that I made while I was bored of modelling a real car(I have’nt finished the real one yet! :().

The HDR I used is called ‘Cabin’ it is from Greg Zaal’s free ‘HDRI Haven’ Sample Pack.

The Car has a simple Diffuse+Glossy material with a fresnel as mix factor (the diffuse has two colors, one lighter and the other darker, with another fresnel for the mix factor)

Here is a Wireframe/Clay render. This is a viewport render with real time shadows.

Any opinions/reviews are welcome :slight_smile:

It looks lovely :slight_smile:

Nice Render!

Thank you very much Tymianek!! It means a lot! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Aole!! :slight_smile:

The model looks very good, but the render appears to be a little bit noisy.