Toy Plastic material in Cycles

Recently I’ve been working with lego bricks in blender but, I can’t seem to figure out how to get a good plastic material setup.

here’s what I get with just the default glossy node(roughness values on the right):

What I’ve trying to get is something more like this:—Cycles-renderer—Render-test.aspx
This was also created in cycles, but the author didn’t post a node setup. How would I recreate this?

Mix Shader(.1)

What color should the glossy and diffuse nodes be?

the diffuse node will act as the color, the glossy (which you should leave as white), will add your reflections, mixing them together with just a little of the glossy, should give you the result you’re looking for, play with the glossy roughness to find a value that works for what you’re going for (somewhere between 0 and 0.2 might be good), maybe adding a “Layer Weight”-Node and connecting it to the Mix-Factor could improve it some more.

OK, thanks for the help!