Toy Story 3 trailer. real.

i’ve got to be honest, if it wasn’t for the first movie (and pixar in general) this forum probably wouldn’t exist. blender probably wouldn’t exist

p.s my username on youtube is vids1900.
i have some blender videos. the ones that aren’t blender are crap.

Yes, awesome.

Oh Toy Story, I missed thee.

I think their new adventure will involve competiting with computers ^^ which would be very funny in a CG animation.

Oh man I gotta see this. I remember watching the first two when I was six or so.

But one thing I am wondering, why wouldn’t Blender exist? I probably missed something somewhere along the way.

i figured if the first fully computer animated movie wasn’t made then people wouldn’t really know about cgi. so that could mean no blender.

There is no doubt that Pixar brought on a whole new world of CGI. It existed before it, but they really changed the CG world.

So far, there are 4 planned future releases. All have release dates set. They are: Toy Story 3 (June 18, 2010), Cars 2(June 24, 2011), Bear and the Bow(December 25, 2011), and Newt(June 2012).

If you’re wondering how in the world they have all these planned out years before release, they sit down when they’re nearing they’re last planned release, and come up with ideas for not only the next movie, but four or more. When they were planning for Toy Story, they came up with every movie they released up to Wall-E (or so I heard).

I was surprised to see Slinky in the trailer, seeing as the voice actor Jim Varney has passed away. I’m curious to see how this will be handled in the new film.

Aren’t they also doing a complete re-render of Toy Story in 3D? I know I heard that somewhere credible. I think it releases 2010.

yeah, the first 2 toy story’s in 3d

Thats so interesting! I never knew that.

Check this out for proof -

Theyve actually found nemo and wall-e in pixar movies made before finding nemo and wall-e. Crazy :eyebrowlift: