toy story 3

Anybody saw the movie? just rented the DVD today.

the lighting in that movie is well made - I am curious about what technique
they used. It was hard to see if they used a semi GI or faked color bleeding
and indirect illumination with fake bounce lights.

looked pretty decent.

anybody knows a making off make?

Toy Story 3 was simply too awesome. AFAIK Renderman CAN do GIs. I believe they aren’t faked. Try getting the book ‘The Art of Wall-E’. Also look at the Pixar SIGGRAPH Papers. Lots of interesting stuff there.

my 4 year old nephew said “i wish i hadn’t seen it” afterwards. he was devastated. as a big buzz lightyear fan he couldn’t take buzz lightyear’s reprogramming for example. :slight_smile: i think it’s a bit too tough for smaller children.

This movie knocked the socks off me. Must be seen in a theater! No they didn’t use GI though prman is perfectly capable of it. This was an artistic choice so that the look of the movie matches the previous two(which did not use GI). They, I’m pretty sure, did use point based color bleeding and ao for the shots.
I was very impressed seeing that they only used local illumination.

I got all this from here:


I got to admit I didn´t like it too much - artistry and technical skill aside.
Pixars got too… how to say it… nothing new. You can rely on the characters to be pixar characters. The story… meh. shallow.
To me Pixar lost the mystic too much.

To go a bit OT though stay on topix:
I really really enjoyed “Despicable me”.
Very good chars, good slapstick, nice plot, really well done and even better taking in account it was Universals first big animated.
It took me back to my childhood where Clever&Smart, InspectorGadget and Spy vs. Spy rocked my boat - not the Mickey Mouse, Captain Picard goodness shiny knight attitude beyond doubt =)
And I admire that they contracted IBM to build a “green renderfarm”, using 40% less energy than the average farm… 6500 cores =)
The movie just was fresh and I loughed 10 times more than in TS3.


well even when they used this method the lighting was darn good.

Aresxma it was also TS ! But I agree Dispicable Me is pretty awesome!

Man, don’t start me.
I really hated the thing.
It was just 2 all over again and I don’t care if I’m writing spoilers, If you haven’t seen the film, save you bucks.

Lotso was just Stinky Pete in a teddy bear suit. The toys end up in a new environment ruled by a seemingly kind patriarch who turns out to be evil with an agenda that gets revealed later in the story.
Ak!. Buzz gets reprogrammed… AGAIN
and woody has to deals with letting go of Andy… AGAIN
The whole Ken/Barbie thing took up too much of the show and had nothing to do with the central plot except as a side gag, playing for laughs when the story looked like it needed a lift.
Pixar bang on about “Story is king” but I think because they make their own stories, they are prone to convincing themselves of their own genius and end up putting out mash.

Spare me, just watch 2 again, it was much better.
I vote for Sony Imageworks as the most interesting animated filmmakers by a long shot.

Sorry, I didn´t get that. If I replace TS with ToyStory that doesn´t make sense to me…
Did yout thoughts lap you during writing? :smiley:
Or is it another abbreviation?

Buzz wasn’t re-programmed in Toy Story 2, he was imprisoned in a toy-package in Al’s Toy Barn by another Buzz after trying to steal his utility belt, the other Buzz was fresh out of the box so it had the same initial delusions that Buzz had in the original Toy Story.

Woody was kidnapped in Toy Story 2, it’s a little different since Andy wasn’t yet too old to play with cowboys and space-rangers.

Not again - but finale !

I did not mind the Barbie Ken part - it wasn’t really too long.

Buzz getting a Mexican / Spanish touch was a smart idea, in particular under the current
social / immigration issues in the US.

But I feel this is not just a kid movie - some subjects were beyond their comprehension.

This the first time i heard of this , i 'll check that out, thanks

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