Toy Story Tom

(ChooDaddy) #1

Here’s a character named Tom from a Myst-like adventure game I’m working on. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the muscle structures in his eyebrows and cheeks so I can animate him. I’m going to use him in the cut scenes for the game. He’s starting to take on a very Toy Story-esque look to him. I think it’s the nose (which needs more work.)

comments please…


(S68) #2

Good start,

I like the look of hairs, and general structure.

Eyes are strange, white is not white enough, it blends too much with skin, and iris looks strange.

Teeth are very flat, looks like tiles…

keep it up


(BgDM) #3

Very good start. Ditto to what Stefano said.

Also, he NEEDS EYELIDS! Those things will come flying out without them. :wink:


(sten) #4

can’t see it :x