Toy Story

Does anyone have any Toy Story characters in Blender format?

I don’t think Pixar would just give out their models. You might just have to make your own.

Ha, pixar doesnt give away anything. you must be pretty new to 3d…
ditto the last guy, good luck on Buzz Lightyear…

I was actually asking if someone has created any, I did see Mr. Potato Head for download once. Copying Buzz from a toy one isn’t easy. And don’t call me new! It’s not easy being asked to create a movie, a Star Trek fan fiction series, a series about cats and several LEGO movies. :wink:

ha, no offense man. Ive been with the forums awhile(despite what my profile says, this is my second name, my last got ‘corrupted’). A lot of noobs ask for models, and dont want to do any of the work to make them.

Someone used the binoculars in a recent animation challenge. Look for the energy challenge two or three challenges ago.

Just so you know, I happen to know that Disney aggressively protects their intellectual property, and consider all their characters trademarks. So like, making a model of mickey is fine, they can’t stop you. But post an image or share the model and you risk the wrath. This is probably why you haven’t seen any nor can find any.

Besides, who wants to recreate what has already been created? The best you’re gonna get is a so-so attempt…(just kidding; I know it would be good to emulate success!)

And why put your life into free promotion of people who already make a gizillion dollars, and don’t know your name…become your own :wink:

i have one of those 3 eyed aliens if anyone wants one pm me
or email me [email protected]

Thanks for the LGMs, Noodlesgc. I sent a PM to some other member about his Mr. Potato Head character and I downloaded a Buzz mesh but I think it needs a newer version of Blender and we only the Linux version of the latest Blender and we’re connected to the internet so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try it. :frowning: Anyone got a good Woody or Rex?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley:
How much 3d modelling have you done?
I don’t have any of those models, or many models of anything else, for that matter.
I ask the question out of curiousity as to what you plan to do with the models and how much of 3d modelling you know.

Quite a bit of modeling. I could make an alien warship but creating Buzz is just to difficult for me.

Noodlesgc seems to have been abducted so that obviously means no LGMs until they finish giving him a cranial implant. :wink: Here is my Buzz that I made.
Next step: Woody!