Toy Truck in Cycles

I uploaded these images of a toy truck. The origin of this is a 3ds Max tutorial that I was made some time ago. The mesh has nearly 3 million polygons and I exported in OBJ format to Blender 2.68a. With a few materials and Cycles render engine. The lighting is global, with no lamps. 1920x1080, 500 samples, 22 min. using single CPU, I7 3770-12 Gb Ram. I don’t used GPU. I Hope you like it. :cool:

This is very nice.

This is cute, Suchet, nicely done! I like the detail in the back, such as the hinges and locks.

If I had any critique, I think the image could use more direct lighting, and less global light. To me, it looks too unnatural to have so much ambient light, but I understand if this is your preference. Great work either way!


looks very nice. I wish I had an I7 too because when I render 500 Samples at 1920 I have to wait several hours :frowning: If I may suggest an improvement to the model: I would add a license plate and model out the lights. Great work!