Hi Everyone,

I am new to blender and i am working on my modeling skills, last saturday i finished my first and small blender project i modeled a toy elephant below is the final image that i got i think its complete but i’d like to take your suggestions so please suggest is there anything else that needs to improved.

Thanks in advance.


I really like it. I have to say, though, it is too shiny. Take down the specularity on the object and you should be fine. Maybe build a table and put him on it. Very cartoonish too, I like that style. Very good start.

It’s good that you have the tenacity to see a project through to the end, I start way too many that I never finish. You’ll need that attitude for modelling. As for your model itself, it is ok for a start. Looks to me like you have taken the primitive shapes and modified them just a little. The textures also look to me like you have just applied them and stuck to that. If you really want to keep improving on this, I would suggest making it look more like an elephant, and a toy. As it is, all I can see is a bunch of shapes. I don’t know if you have a toy that looks like that, but it really looks like something that I, for one, can’t relate anything to. I kind of assumed that it was some kind of wierd-ass cookie jar. I wouldn’t suggest working too much on this, this can be your intro model. It shows that you know how to manipulate the geometry and apply textures, which is really all you need to know for now. Start a new project and keep challenging yourself. It’s the only way you learn. But I can see that you have the basics, just polish them for a while and then step up to some more challenging endeavours and keep blending!

hey guys thank you very much for your comments it means a lot to me I’ll make the changes mentioned by colemeister14 and yes Brookesy you are right i do have a wooden toy which looks identical to the above model including the colors and textures except that the colors and textures are worn out for real toy i tried to model the toy and i got what i wanted but i wanted to complete it by applying textures so i did it. Anyways thank you once again and I’ll start working on the next blender project and come back with it for your comments.

Hey buddy…nice going…What better way to start blending than modelling sumthing tht resembles Lord Ganesh…Keep pushing…