Toyota / BMW Supra MK 5

latest render -> end of thread

Hi everyone,

BMW and Toyota will work together to build the next supra.
So i started with my own concept just for fun.
My design is based on the Lexus LFA, the supra mark 4 and a concept car from BMW (i8).

The basic shape will not change much, but a lot of details are still missing

Here is a testrender (saltlake):


…and the back (bit too dark) now enough for the rendering, should model more

This looks really nice. Great job on it. Scott Graham

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changed the front - still not happy

Thank you cosplay! Started to define the shape a little bit more:


…need to remove a few loopcuts, but thats it for the moment:

one step forward…two steps back

New wheels, have to redo it it guess, started with the headlights, worked on the body…small steps

testing the look of the new lights…next step a new roof;

this project takes longer then i thougth, i really want to finish it but also join the blender guru competition so a little break at this point

i would go back to modeling because the car is very bumpy.

I know, have to rebuild almost every part - more a 3D sketch then a nice mesh

A new roof and worked on headlights, body and rims…small steps

I’m not familiar with this car, but it looks pretty good. Keep it up!

Thank you!
It doesn’t exist ( yet :wink: ) just my own concept for the upcoming Mark V from Toyota/BMW
References are the Lexus LFA, BMW I8 and the Supra Mark IV

Still not happy with the roof…progress:

I think your concept looks good! I just have one little critique, the front side air intake seems to look like its being stretched. However this may be due to the design of the grille and the camera angle. I would like to know why you are not happy with the roof? Could it be the material? The sudden change from a reflective material (The Red) to less reflective/matte material. I particularly like the design of the wheel trims. Are you also planning on adding manufacturer specifications to the wheel?

Looking forward to seeing the end result!


THX George!
The camera angle is a big point, i started a google search how photographers set up a car shooting and found my biggest mistake…
When you took a portrait of a person or a car you would allways try to use a focal length bigger than 50mm.
80 is good and 100 is better - so i made a testrender with 100 length and the whole picture becomes more natural IMO (picture below)
The roof problem is not only the materials, it’ also the geometry but thanks for that input - changed it to the body material but i dnn’t like this forms…the higher solution of the new render also shows a lot of small troubles in the front section
Wheels need a higher detail level, markings on the tires will come (bumpmap), the profil will be all geometry.

The new render looks great! I’m not sure if its just the camera focal length (may be a combination of colour change…etc) but the new render seems to have more life . You are making great progress!