Toyota Celica GT

next car:D

looks good, what engine do you plan to render it with?

my dad had an older celica, many years ago.
he still wishes he had it sometimes :slight_smile:

I was never able to get a new Celica but I owned a 94 Celica and I loved that car. Good job on this. Looks like a good Toyota to me. :slight_smile:

this should be obvious by now kellyq = yafaray rendering expert;)
I should be keeping an eye on this as you cars always turn out damn good

he he… thanks man:eyebrowlift:


wow nice wheel , how did u made the text as bumps? i guess u use normal map/bump map
but did u use UV ? i means i think i know buts this is looking really great :slight_smile:

agreed. that tire looks great!

Car is looking good! I’d also like to know how you did the text on the tire. Keep it up!

damn cool wheel, I am also as intrigued as shay tessler as to how you go about doing the side wall detail it’s something I don’t see on a lot of car models?

for tire sidewall I’m using bump map :yes:

Solid modeling. Good stuff.

Wow, looks really great so far. The only thing I would fix is the windshield (It would probably only take 1 or 2 loop cuts. Other than that, great work and amazing job on the wheel!

I will fix it :yes: thanks

Another near perfect model.
The window seals, side windows shutlines need a bit more work.
But that’s nitpicking in an otherwise perfect model.


All your models are just amazing .everyone knows. And yours skills in modeling and rendering ( yafaray ) are just great!! so … i ask … when a great tutorial come ?
i´m talk about modeling , composing , materials ( on Yafaray) , lightining etc …i´m really glad to see a tutorial from someone like you.
What do you tell me ?