Toyota Corolla 2018 Altis

Hey all

I have not posted in a while but thought I would share my current entry into the sketchfab clear coat challenge. I had to do this model in a weeks time ( in my spare time ) Sketchfab has really come a long way and with all the post effect options it is possible to get a very decent looking render in real time.

here is the link to the model in real time 3D :

Anyway hope you like it , I love the look of this new corolla and had not done a car in a while so the challenge was a good motivation to do it.


nice :slight_smile: how many days took to make this

It took 6 days ( in my spare time) to complete :wink: There was much more i could do if I had more time but as this is a competition entry i could only work on it up to the deadline.

im new to blender any advise how i can learn to model a realistic car like yours

There are several aspects involved with producing a more photo realistic render, geometry , materials , lighting etc. From a modeling point of view it is just lots of practice, my first car obviously did not look as good as this one :wink: Things ive learnt along the way is to learn to define the general shape and proportions up front without doing any details ( other wise known as blocking out ) also ive learned to not create a high density mesh my self but to rather create it quit low density and rely on sub surface to do its magic. This is also something you need to practice. Good topology for your edges provides a means for good edge loop additions and also for good sub surfacing in general.

Materials and lighting is also something that times time to learn , I can only suggest to always look to good reference and spend some time thinking about what you see , then researching the matters on the internet. Im still learning all the time, just that ive been doing this for 8 years already.

hope that helps

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here a friend of mine did this sample scene to show sub surfacing various shapes , he actually did it just as a practice. Anyway if you look on the page there is a download link so you can grab it and view the topology in blender.