Toyota Fortuner

Hello there.

Now I’m working in a car, the toyota fortuner I really work very hard to have this, what I have right now, but I want some comments about my modeling skills, I take some renders from diferent views to help you with that, thanks.

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

how about some wires?

I was thinking on the same, but render wire in cycles is a little bit different than blender internal, but here I hope with this it will show more detail.

Nice job. Something I read in another car thread. Don’t be afraid to model individual parts and go for even more detail. Because cars are made up of many separate parts.

@FoundationsofPause I start the model with a cube then I made the basic form after I separate the parts because is more easy that give, the detail yep also is cool start from individual part is a good idea, I will keep that in mind.

Sorry I gotta say this cause its driving me crazy cause I had one of these:P I think you should edit the title of this thread as the name of the vehicle is a “Toyota 4Runner”:slight_smile: With thats said its looking good keep it up:)

Happy Blending!

@DerekG1080: Well no, this is the fortuner:
And this is the 4Runner:

Maybe the old models are similar but the new model of both are more different.
And well, this is what I have, is very dificult to start making the details.

Hello again, now I’m having a little problem with some topology.


In that grey line, a shadow appears, image above.
How to smooth that, in blender I know I can dissolve the faces but It doesnt look good when I apply smooth modifier

Here what I want to smooth.

Sorry for my english.

you need to seperate the lines a little. you have a lot of lines, personally. Much of the lines you have created will be done in sub divs. unfortuanately ur on the right path seperating the loops, u just didnt do it very well. if you would like me to try you can export just that part as an obj for me and i can give it a try. if not thats fine, but really u just need to work on smooth and even speration.

and are your doors and things separate from the car? your trunk appears to be flush with the rear bumper…

@ThorntonStrolia: Well I fix that using triangle faces, this face must be really tinny or it will look bad, I think; Yes the doors the bumpers, windows, hood everything is separated, I like modeling everithing from a cube, shape, and separate.

Here some new advances, front and back.

Looking this image I saw that some edges are bad, I hope fixing that I complete the car from the outside.

Hello again I work a lot of time I start to finish the model of course the scenario is bad, first work with materials, and texture. I algo change come details fix some edges.
Well I add tyres, rym, lights, etc.
Here some of the new progress.
the back is unfinish but that part only need textures, I mean normal maps, sounds crazy when you have to add some text.
And finaly tan tan tan !!!
This render is awesome of course using post produccion nodes in Blender.

Now I’ll working with textures, I mean normal maps, and maybe a better scenario.

This is looking really good! Great job keeping everything so smooth! Is the inside of the car modeled, or is that just an image applied to the windows? It just looks a little strangely distorted to me in that last render. Other than that though, it looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the finished car!

Yep it’s distorted because I leave the IOR in 1.45.
I change the IOR to 1 it will now look like a glass without distortion.
Thank you, Im working very hard on this car :slight_smile:

looking really good. i advise you be carful using triangles on cars, in excess it will become noticable, but it looks good. good work

Thank you @@ThorntonStrolia

I will keep that in mind, I always try to use quads and less triangles.

Here I put some new renders I think I will use this scenario, I like the iluminatio of this one and I work with the materials or shader (What is the difference ?)
Here my new render.

Here I put the new shader node for the car paint.

And the last one os for the windows.

From the tutorial of Blender Cookie how to render Sports cars I made my shaders, but that one work with red color not gray, or Silver.
That’s all for now.