Toyota FT-HS

Hi … im Brazilian and it´s my first post, i ve been work on 3 cars recently but i take courage to post this work.I hope im going in right way ( i´m a new blender user ) and i´ll aprecciate all opinions ( good or not! ) .So …that´s it.!!!


Wow, super nice!

It’s looking good :yes:
Two things that in my opinion could be better:
1- The circle of the wheels it isn’t perfect. I recommend you add a reference circle (a separated object), side with the car and, in side view, match the polys of the car with it (like a ruler).
2- The metal plates of cars only have about 0.5 to 0.7cm (and that because they are bended)… once again in the wells house you have them going 10+cm inside and that looks fake for a car. The inner side of the wheels house should be bigger then the outer edge and modeled as a “separate object”, because when the car hit a hole the wheel needs to go up, partially entering the car frame.

Força ai :wink:

Thanks man … im must fix circle tonight … look´s a little strange … i had some problems with vertices tha i´ll be fixing later r… now im working on rims and wheels , soon i post some pictures . But thanks for all .

This a preview of wheel … ( unfinished ).


This is gonna be something
First of all, good choice.
I agree with Rogper on both his points.
Here a a few initial observations.

  1. You need to have the outlines of the wheel arches…
  2. The area below the doors should curve in as it goes from vertical to horizontal. You currently have it too sharp.
    If that didn’t make sense, i’ll try explaining through an image.
    The front pic is too small too see much. The wheels look good.
    Keep going!!

Hi God … thaks for all … like i sad , it´s my first work posted , this pictures is about a week ago and just now i take courage to post . i just hope work hard make things like you and others excellents artists in this forum .I´ll get there!!! Thanks .

i´ll be post large images with modifications on body .Soon.

( sorry about my english …rsrs.)

if you are rlly a beginner in blender, i have to say 1 thing.
You are a hell of a good beginner :stuck_out_tongue:
keep up the good work!


wow coming along great, on the car you should seperate the doors from the car

… so … here it is … some cuts e fixes … i re-model some parts … now i going to finish the exterior to get start the interior … miss some things but i get there!!!


Hello … after a week i finally could make some progress … but … something happen and i have no idea how to fix it … could someone help me please!!!


Start exterior test renders…


great, you get the wheel working?
renders could be better though, keep it up!!

Wow, How long have you been using blender?


about a 6 mouths … but i have not free time to learn more …

@ ionee …
…Sorry man … my english is very poor … what do you mean with "get the wheel working " … it´s about the move and rotation ? … forgive me man …rsrs

Ok … stop with test renders.I´ll gonna study for a while … read the docs … but , keep modeling interior .


you had a tire prob:

how do you model the interia?
becouse i need a blue print?

i´m modeling just with pictures references … i´m not a expert on scale , so , i´ve done what i can … isn´t perfect but i hope looks fine! Here the image that i used to body … and others on


well … it´´s almost finish … some bumps to correct and some renders of interior and reflections … here the last test render .


nearly there!!
keep going