Toyota MR2 1989 "AW11"

Here’s another car, but not another r8 or veyron, it’s a MR2 AW11!

All modeling done in blender, rendered in Cycles for many hours.

High res

Hope you like it!

Feedback always welcome!

Blender car CG artworks are getting outstandingly professional! Very good work here, for sure!

Some really impressive modelling and rendering, the level of detail is amazing.
Although I think this car deserves a better background than the one you’ve chosen.

Congratulations. When I saw first the first render only, I thought it was a reference image. Nice work!

Nice photo! :wink:

Wow! Stunning work. :slight_smile: The second image looks like a photo!

Nice work dude, do you own this car, or you modelled it just by looking at reference photos? If later, it makes it even more impressive to me…

Wow, it’s really outstanding work!

Thanks everyone, here’s some wires.

high res

Mind = blown! If it didn’t say “Blender” at the bottom I wouldn’t have guessed it was made with it. Excellent work! It’s like a real photo. Modeling is outstanding too. Keep up the great work!

When I first looked at I thought it was a photo, outstanding work.

Great work Miika :slight_smile:

unblelievably believable.
Great work here, deaserved top row!

Beautiful! Mid-engine - rear wheel drive from the '80s Japan - you don’t get any more awesome.

Awesome!!! One of the best CG/photo combinations I’ve seen. Excellent work!


I personally think the car is too glossy and looks a little like plastic. I also second the car deserved a better background.
Awesome job anyways :slight_smile:
Really top row worthy

this is amazing!!!

Ah, a car that never gets modelled, finally! :smiley:

Very nicely done. Clean geometry. 5 *'s worthy, to be sure. :slight_smile:

Excellent work, miika2!


When i first saw the post I was waiting for the moment it would go top row :smiley:
The MR2 is a beauty, fantastic work on the model and render!

Yeah when you know how to get what u want I would like to see maybe some node setup, thats vould be great :slight_smile: Did u modeled it in Blender from scrach and in how many days do u needed to finish it :slight_smile: